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Licensing and Franchising

Many people have heard of the term franchising but what does it mean exactly? We all know brands such as Subway and 7-Eleven are successful examples of franchises.
So how does intellectual property come into play with franchising a brand?

How does this affect the franchisee?

If you are a franchisee, you will be able to trade under a renowned brand and essentially this represents the intellectual property that you are purchasing into. This means, you are entitled to use their logos, brand names, promotional material, marketing systems and material, shop fit-outs and even confidential business processes to generate your own revenue. This can only happen if the franchisor grants you a trademark license to carry this out.
IP Bureau can help you go through the franchising agreement and ensure that you understand and are well covered before becoming a franchisee of a particular brand.

How does this affect the franchisor?

If you plan to franchise your business, you have to ensure that your intellectual property rights for your business is secure in order to assure your potential franchisees. Hence, it is vital that your business and all its essential operations and processes are well protected and registered. IP Bureau can help you ensure that your IP rights and trademarks are well registered and protected.

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